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Interior Design Service

We meet in your home and chat about your design goals.  My consultation usually lasts 60-90 minutes depending on the scope of your project.  We talk about your style, color preference, function of the space and of course everyone's favorite, the budget.  I photograph your room(s) and take appropriate measurements.  The next step is for me to begin working on your design.  An hourly rate applies and I return within a few weeks to review the plan.  Once design choices are selected, inventory is ordered.  Once all items are delivered and or space is renovated, I return to photograph and install final accessories. 

Painting Wall

Home Staging Service

The real estate team and I meet to tour the property for sale.  We discuss what room(s) need to be staged or decluttered.  I photograph those area(s) and discuss a timeline of the staging install or declutter date.  A staging proposal is emailed to the real estate team or homeowner.  Once a signed contract is in place, home staging preparation begins.  Turn around time is quick and seamless.  If the home is vacant, all parties are made aware of when movers install inventory.  If the home is occupied, homeowner and I work on a convenient date to declutter, depersonalize and neutralize the space.  Price will vary depending on type of home staging service as well as the scope of project.  

Professional Organization

Sometimes you just need someone to come in and help you get out from under all the clutter.  I have helped homeowners declutter their spaces and enjoy their homes again.  Toys, clothes and accessories all add up and life gets in the way of being organized.  I get it.  I'm also here to help dig you out of trouble.  Hourly rate applies to organize your space(s).  You'll be thrilled to have taken this much needed step to peace and tranquility in your beautiful home once and for all. 

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